Labor Day Weekend


Weekends are always fun, obviously, right?Anthony typically works on Saturdays, and so as usual, he worked for about a half a day Saturday, then his family came to visit. They ended up staying the night and first thing Sunday morning, we went to breakfast. Our absolute favorite place to eat is a little family owned restaurant called Berry Fresh Cafe, if you're ever in the Port Saint Lucie area down in FL, TRY IT. In any event, we showed up hoping we were early enough to avoid wait time, but what do you know? The. place. was. packed. 20-30 minute wait in the hot FL heat with a hungry 1 year old, no thanks!Plan B- There's a little cafe just 2 stores down from Berry Fresh, we decided to try it. First impression? The place was beautiful. Very clean, the decor was gorgeous and the people were friendly. Oh, and NO wait time. Great! Let's eat!The decor in there was right up our alley and really made us feel at home. UNFORTUNATELY, though- my food wasn't the greatest. I was a little disappointed to say the least, but to be honest everyone else's food was good and the overall experience was nice. Maybe it was an off day, I won't write it off just yet.Later, I finally tried a Starbucks Pumpkin Latte. This is a big deal, why? Because I'm one of the [very] few who doesn't love Starbucks. Crazy, I know. I'm a huge coffee drinker, and definitely team Dunkin. However, I do believe Starbucks has great specialty drinks, and we were in the area, so...... I'm trying it. DELICIOUS. Florida doesn't get seasons, literally none. It's summer here all year round'. So we pretend it's fall by drinking pumpkin spice lattes and wearing dark lipstick.Monday was dreary. Rainy and disgusting. We did order Addison's cake to be made since her first birthday is NEXT WEEKEND! ONE. YEAR. OLD. Jeez, I was just pregnant! Crazy how time flies.Anyway, the storm took over our day but we made it fun by sitting out on our patio enjoying the sound of it and letting Addison stick her hand in the rain. She thought it was hilarious.