Some of these pictures were taken with my phone, so if any are grainy - that is why.When I was younger, Halloween was GREAT. I spent weeks figuring out the perfect costume, seriously up until I was like 15 I was dressing up to roam the streets and trick- or- treat. I spent every year in a different neighborhood with either a different family member or different friends.Looking back, I remember the streets being filled with kids, always. Every year it was a big to to, my grandmother always decorated her house with scary decorations and people even dressed up just to hand out candy.Don't laugh, but this is me, my sister, and my dad probably when I was about 7 or 8 on Halloween. And yes, I am Pikachu. Beautiful choice right? halloween In recent years the trick- or- treaters have become less and less, last year I kid you not we had ONE knock at the door. ONE. I guess nowadays malls and specific Halloween events is where kids go for candy, makes sense being organized for kids and all.Addison obviously isn't old enough to trick- or- treat, so really there was no reason to dress her up other than for pictures, which we did - and oh my gosh did she look adorable in her Minnie costume! She hated the ears though, I swear this child hates ANYTHING touch her head. No bows, no hats, no Minnie ears.addWe did, however go to the pumpkin patch where we found a beautiful pumpkin, Addison had an absolute blast and honestly thought she was strong enough to pick up each pumpkin.*Click here to watch the  pumpkin patch videoimg_0118img_0134img_0122The above picture is Addison giving the pumkin "hugs."pumpWe spent Halloween night going out to dinner as a family, where we did get to see some fun costumes!Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Until next year!sl