DIY Holiday Wreath [Under $40]


The Holidays are my favorite part of year. The weather changing, yummy treats, night fires, s'mores and all the decorations. A wreath can make a front door or porch look so welcoming and inviting but lets be real, buying one pre-made can cost a fortune! Making your own can be budget friendly and what's better than custom decor!?DIYs are my FAVORITE. Seriously, I live for creating my own take on inspirational ideas. Here's my take on a Holiday wreath.I first went on Pinterest - duh, to find inspiration. I knew I wanted something simple that I could put up in October and leave until January. Michaels is the closest craft store near me, but any craft store should have all of these items. WHAT YOU'LL NEED :#1 - A wreath! The one I purchased was medium sized (about $5) and made of sticks.#2 - Christmas picks. I found the them in the christmas section. I went with greens and sparkles.#3 - Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks. This honestly costed the most, if you already have one, this project will be even cheaper.#4 - A letter. I went with the letter C because it is our family's last name.Piece of cake and not a lot to it! Most of everything I purchased was on sale. Craft stores can have some awesome deals and sometimes coupons online, check before you buy!First, I arranged each decorative pick [without glue] just to get a feel for what kind of placement I was going for. Since we're basically working with sticks here, it was fairly simple to stick each one through.Once I had all my decorative picks in place just how I wanted them, I took my hot glue gun to it and went to town. I pulled each one out just a little to put some glue on then pushed it back down into place to ensure it stay together in outdoor weather.After I had finished that, I laid my C down on the wreath to again, find the perfect placement, then glued it!If you can see in the above picture, I did end up gluing on some simple fake green leaves that I already had. You can either purchase those or not, I only added them because I had them from a previous project, but it's not necessary.www-gifcreator-me_eaaaadSometimes looking at a picture of a beautifully done project can make doing it on your own daunting. Hopefully this breakdown helps any other DIYers out there get some great inspiration. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! shyla