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I haven't always been a bargain shopper. Back when I was in high school specifically, I had no idea the value of a dollar. I'm not kidding- I was nothing short of a stage 5 impulsive shopper. It wasn't until I was in college that something really clicked.I remember I had a professor for some "life" class (honestly I can't remember the name of the course) but his words stuck with me, and still today I think about what he said while I'm shopping. His words were, "if you find something in the store that you like- that isn't right away necessary, DON'T buy it. Leave it for at least 3 whole days and after that 3 days, if you are still thinking about it, then you can buy it." Now, I know some people are going to read that and think that's obvious, but to me it never was.Nowadays I'm a stage 5 bargain shopper. I don't buy things right away unless I need them, and if I find something I like, whether it be clothes, accessories, furniture- ANYTHING- I ask my self a series of questions."What will I wear this with?""Will I wear this more than once?""It's cute, but is it $____ cute?""Do I really need this?"Not to mention, I rarely ever shop at department stores. Stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls have all kinds of name brand clothing for a discount price. I also sometimes like to shop second-hand. I used to love going to a store called "Plato's Closet" where they buy second-hand gentley used & in season clothing to resell. Now, since I have a 1-year-old, a store like that where you have to really dig and search for some awesome new finds, isn't really an option.I've recently found this online store called "ThredUP" just through word of mouth and upon first look at their website, I fell IN LOVE. They are an online second-hand shop where you can find loads of name brand clothing from target brand all the way up to Michael Kors and tons of brands in between. All of their clothes are gently used, and some even still have tags on them in brand new condition at discount prices! I placed two orders just in a couple of weeks and have just been so impressed, not just with the clothing itself but also with the exceptional customer service. They even have an app for your phone! convenience at it's finest, people.ThredUP was nice enough to give all my readers a full 50% off first time purchases of Express Items! CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE CODE & SHOP EXPRESS ITEMSHuge thanks to ThredUP, hope everyone enjoys!Happy shopping!SHIRT: (ThredUP) Express - SUNGLASSES: Rayban - HAT: BCBGSHIRT: (ThredUP) Express - HAT: BCBGSHIRT: (ThredUP) Ann Taylor LOFT - JEANS: Old Navy - SHOES & BAG: Steve MaddenFAUX FUR VEST: (ThredUP) By Design - SKIRT: BCBG - BOOTIES: TargetFAUX FUR VEST: (ThredUP) By Design    *This post is sponsored, but all thought are mine & genuine