Taking Risks | First Time in The Rain


This past Sunday (January 29th) was Addison's very first time playing in the rain! Of course she has seen rain before, we live in South Florida after all, but she's never really wanted anything to do with it- probably because she was too young to care. We really just felt like having a really nice family day and enjoy our time together, even if it was raining.We woke up pretty early and went to breakfast at a new little cafe/diner down the road from us and it really was delicious. The weather, even though it was rainy and gloomy, was cold which was really so refreshing considering it's winter and it's been 90 degress in Florida still, and when I say cold, I really mean cold for Floridians, so "cool" for other people. After breakfast, we decided to drive around and explore. We ended up by the beach in Fort Pierce which is only a city away from us and pulled over the play in the drizzling rain. Addison LOVED the puddles, and of course the dare devil that she is, she wanted to jump in the biggest one, and since she would've been almost up to her knees in water, I challenged myself to keep her away from it, ha!_MG_0124-2_MG_0121I've been dying to ger her in this adorable rain coat! It fits her perfect and to be honest I was so suprised she kept the hood on most of the time, my child HATES things on her head. I on the other hand,œ played with layering my outfit and finally got to wear my new rain boots! I'm seriously obsessed and want 5 more pairs. ;)_MG_0154_MG_0148-2_MG_0144_MG_0197_MG_0192-2_MG_0185-2_MG_0173-2_MG_0167-2_MG_0166_MG_0136