3 Outfit Ideas For Spring


It's finally March! I know technically it's not spring yet, but since I live in South Florida and it's Spring/Summer all year round, I couldn't help but share all of these cute outfit finds! If you live way up north, sorry! You just may have to wait a little longer to sport some of these pieces. ;) All stores are coming out with Spring attire and I'm loving it! Here are 3 outfit ideas for Spring that are cute, casual, comfy, and springy!


This outfit is great for the transition into Spring, since it's still a pant outfit, but the linen pants brings a fun beachy flare. Paired with a plain gray tank top, this look is fun and easy to put together! The patterned pants and cute accessories are the star of the show here.outfit ideas for spring

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This next look is my personal favorite and it's probably because it's floral! This dress is so flowy and so fun. Being a mom, I like comfortable clothes that I can move around in. I have such a hard time wearing short flowy dresses now because sometimes I feel like my dress will fly up if the wind blows too hard and most of the time I feel like I can't bend down or lean over. The typical "flowy, mini" dress just isn't practical for my lifestyle anymore.This dress on the other hand, is actually heavy enough that wind doesn't take it and it's such great quality! It's also long enough that I can still bend and move, but still above the knee enough to be considered a mini. I'm a casual sandal wearer, but this dress would also look adorable with a cute pair of wedges or booties!_MG_0232.jpg[gallery ids="1589,1590" columns="2" size="full"]_MG_0163.jpg_MG_0255_MG_0193


Shop my exact dress here, linked below are similar cute ones. :)


Now, obviously shorts and a cute white tank are absolutely essential for Spring, but I always have such hard time finding shorts! If I'm being open and honest, my butt isn't proportioned with my waist size. Most shorts for me (in my size) fit in the butt/hip area but huge in the waist section, making it miserable to ever try any on. These are low-rise, which, because of my smaller waist, fit perfectly. They fit everywhere they should and they're SO COMFORTABLE! I love the distressed look and the quality can't be beat either! Expensive, fine, but for a great pair of shorts that'll last wash after wash is an investment. Trust me, you need these shorts!It's no secret that I adore hats, this green one is my favorite that I own and I felt it really balanced out the gladiator shoes that I love so much!_MG_0117.jpg[gallery ids="1643,1644" columns="2" link="none" size="full"][gallery ids="1642,1641" columns="2" link="none" size="full"]_MG_0052.jpg