A Vintage Inspired Wedding | Cody And Justine Richards


Despite the fact that Anthony and I had food poisoning and (almost) missed the wedding reception, we managed to at least make an appearance. I promised Cody And Justine wedding photos and felt I couldn't let them down, they deserve it after all.This reception was so much fun and really reminded me of my wedding, simple and unconventional. ;) Being able to celebrate such a wonderful and important milestone in life, with family, is all that really matters and we enjoyed every second of it.Justine and Cody; I won't sit here and give you wedding advice (like everyone tried to do at mine.) Reality is, no relationship is the same. Just love each other, listen to each other, respect and cherish each other and your relationship will never feel like work. I can see the love in your eyes when you look at one another and if you can always remember what you felt on this very day, you can survive any relationship hurdle that comes your way. I love you both, Anthony, Addison, and I all do. We wish you nothing more than a lifetime of love and happiness, and hope the future brings fun and exciting adventures for you as husband and wife. Have fun on your honey moon! <3

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