What I'm Proud To Have Accomplished By 25 And What I'm Looking Forward To

I’m 25 today. A whole quarter of a century old.. sounds weird when you think of it that way, doesn’t it?

In some ways it feels like I’ve been alive forever, like time slowed. Then there are those days where I can remember being a child as if it was just yesterday and I think to myself, “where has the time gone??” Time is so strange and also something I’m pretty fascinated with, if you want to know the truth.I can proudly say that today, on my 25th birthday, I am happy. I love who I am, what I am, and what I’ve accomplished by 25.I didn’t have an easy childhood. I won’t go into detail at this moment but I guess you could say some of what I’ve been through could traumatized a person. I’m not perfect, and I’ve made mistakes but I’m determined. I’m determined to live out my life with as much happiness as possible. I'm determined to take risks and open doors for new opportunities. I’m determined to love and appreciate my husband with my whole heart and to give my children the joyous childhood they deserve that I never had. I suppose you could say that my lifelong determination and drive to be the person I want myself to be has allowed me to accomplish a variety of things that I am certainly proud of. 

What I've accomplished by 25.

For starters, I married young. I love so much that Anthony and I were able to establish a love as strong as ours as early as we did. We were always best friends, and still are. Some people encourage people not to marry young, and I say if you are more in love than your heart can take and you want to share your life with someone, WHY NOT!? Now I get to experience and go through my entire life with my favorite person, and what’s more fulfilling than that?I’m a mother. Obviously I have nothing negative to say about anyone under 25 who does not have children. It is a personal decision but a decision I am proud of in my own life, nonetheless. It takes a lot of sacrifice and patience to be a parent. Anthony and I joke all the time about the fact that we were able to keep Addison alive for a year and a half, not that we ever doubted we could, but it is definitely hard. No matter how hard parenting is though, it’s also the utmost rewarding thing I’ve ever done.I’ve already experienced owning a home. We of course had help to get to that position, but it’s something I’m also proud of. With that being said, owning a home has allowed Anthony and I to take the opportunity to move away. To leave everything we know behind to start a new adventure together and pursue our dreams together because like I said, I’m determined.I put myself out there. I took the risk and started my blog (& YouTube). I’ve worked in almost every industry you could think of always trying to find the next best thing and never settling for comfortable. Even though I learned early on in my career search that I enjoy being self-employed, I never in a million years thought I’d be here. I never thought I’d be a writer, a self marketing expert, or a social influencer. This is actually my dream job and an opportunity I’ll never take for granted.

What about my next 25 years?

I'm proud of what I've accomplished by 25, but for my next 25 years, I hope to take even more adventures. I hope to experience new exciting things and to be successful while doing it. If there's anything I've earned in my 25 years of life, it's live for today but be excited for tomorrow. You just never ever know where you'll end up, who knows maybe one day we'll end up in a tiny home traveling the world and vlogging and blogging all about it.

Cheers to 25!_MG_0329-2_MG_0421


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