Affordable At Home Teeth Whitening

My teeth have always been important to me. Rewind back to the early 2000's, while everyone else wanted sweet 16 parties, I was begging for braces. I always wanted really pretty teeth, a smile I was proud of. I wore braces for about two and a half years and although I wasn't the best at wearing my retainer after they were removed, I definitely have straight teeth now for the most part. Fast forward to now and let's be real, I'm a busy mom. I'm always on the go, I'm a coffee addict and on pretty often occasion, I like to drink wine. Keeping my teeth white can be somewhat of a hassle and a struggle.Smile Brilliant has come to my rescue. I'm so excited they reached out to me because now I've finally found a teeth whitening product that fits my lifestyle! It's easy to use, affordable, and to be honest, the product is pretty genius._MG_0038.jpg

How does it work?

On their website, you can shop their system. There, you will find where you can customize your very own whitening system depending on what you need (sensitive, non-sensitive, heavy stains, light stains, etc.).Once you receive your order, you'll make molds of your teeth using the catalyst paste and mold trays they provide.You'll send only your trays back in an envelope that they also provide. Once the lab receives your molds, you'll get an email from Smile Brilliant with an update that they are beginning to work on your custom trays. Just a few short days later you'll then get another email with tracking information and within 3-7 days from then, you'll have your custom fitted trays to start whitening!The whitening part is also easy peasy. They provide you with whitening gel, anddesensitizing gel in syringes with a thorough set of instructions on how to apply and howUntitled collage long to use each.I personally use this whitening system before bed while I'm just hanging out, working, or watching T.V. I have used other whitening products in the past and not only did they not work that great as far as whitening and removing stains from my teeth, they also weren't as easy to use. I've never found another product so simple to use that fits right into my daily life. Going to the dentist can cost a fortune to get your teeth whitened, not to mention time-consuming. The Smile Brilliant whitening system is easy and provides professional results quickly! My husband and I are so impressed with my results that he's already wanting his own kit.The Smile Brilliant whitening system isn't only great for yourself, but could make a great gift! This whitening kit is so user-friendly, anyone can use it!

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