Flowy Summer Midi Dress And Strappy Sandals


Summer is HOT, especially in the south. The easiest way to survive the heat is to wear comfy, breathable clothing. This outfit, featuring a flowy summer midi dress and strappy sandals is about to be my new go-to outfit this summer season.Everything about this outfit screams summer and I love it! This summer season I'm so into orange and red and this dress has both running through it. The pattern is so subtle which is also something I can personally appreciate because I usually stray away from bold patterns. The vibe I get from this dress is so style versatile. It can be boho, chic, prep, beachy, depending on how you style it.The shoes are my new favorite. They go with everything and I love that they come up to the ankles. When I first saw them I thought they were zipper up which I'm not a fan of, but they're not! They have two buckles on each side which I really love because they look nicer and feel well made.flowy summer midi dress and strappy sandals


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