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Diaper bags are an endless bag of everything. Lets be real, we carry diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys, feminine products, wallets, makeup, bottles, sippy cups, snacks and those are just the basics. It hadn't occurred to me to let my daughter wear her own snacks, as funny as that sounds. The typical lunch box isn't really feasible for toddlers to carry around. Realistically, backpacks make more sense.Gabby Box is the cutest site that carries fun accessories for babies, children, and mothers. They have a huge variety of products, especially kids backpacks- some being regular bags, and some being more of a snack pack / lunchbox.My daughter loves to help carry things. She's 2 going on 7 so she likes to do "big girl" things like holding bags and helping us out. I'm not complaining. ;) Though, with that being said, I knew she would love her very own backpack. I figured for her age and the fact that we're always out and about, she can carry her own snacks and sippy cup so I opted for the Bessonjoujou Little Kid Backpack, which is essentially a backpack lunchbox.trendy lunchbox for kids / gabby box
What's so great about it?

First off, how cute is it?! I love the sleek black leather look to it with the cute panda on it! I'm a huge fan of black and brown together so I absolutely adore all the brown leather straps. The cold-keeping backpack has a "cooler" style interior which keeps food and drinks cold inside. The backpack can also be worn various ways. It can be worn as a backpack, a messenger bag, or with the strap design and a clip, it can be hung right from a stroller while traveling.The practical design of the backpack is nothing short of genius. Not only does it wear various ways, but it also has chest clips to secure the backpack on the child. The quality of this backpack is perfection, the material is thick and seems pretty "kid proof" if ya know what I mean. ;) This lunchbox back pack is going to last on various trips and for school in years to come. My daughter can't leave the house without her "pa-pack" now and it's seriously the cutest thing ever!Want to check out more awesome Gabby Box products for mom and babe? Check out their website and follow them on Instagram!

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