Our Love Story ♡


HEY! :)

In celebration of our new rebrand launch, we decided to give you all a little glimpse into our lives with our love story. ♡Also, don't mind all the grainy photos. Most of them are super old.

When We Met

We met on April 20th, 2007 at a movie theater (good ol' high school Friday night fun) in Coral Springs, Florida. Both of our best friends knew each other from school, so we met through them. We were 14 and 15 and both dating other people when we met. We were young then so relationships weren't super serious and of course we flirted the same day. Say what you want, but it was love and infatuation at first sight. We both still remember what we each other looked like and what we were wearing that day.In the weeks to follow we started to hang out more. Our best friends became close friends with each other so even though neither of us went to the same school as them, we were together any chance we got. We formed a little clique and spent all weekends together and any school night we could hanging out.  

Where It All Started

A few weeks after we met, we went to a hardcore show (something we did a lot back then). Even though Anthony and I weren't together and were in fact seeing other people, we totally held hands. We were in the middle of the crowd and our hands just went in for each other. No discussion, like it was completely meant to happen.

First Date

Holding hands felt right. With that being said, we broke up with the people we were dating to be together. Can't change who you love! Anthony popped the "will you be my girlfriend" question on July 4th 2007 during fire works (little cheese ball ;) ) and of course I said YES!We dated on and off throughout high school, you all know how that goes. We always had a connection and were so drawn to each other that if we weren't together but saw each other at a friend gathering, (we had the same group of friends all throughout high school and still do) we had no idea how to act around each other.

This Was It

In November of 2012 we gave in to our feelings. Both of us had been through failed relationships with other people where it just never felt right like it always did between us. Without saying it out loud though, we knew that this was it. We knew that this time around, each other is what we wanted, forever.We started officially dating in December 2012 and it felt like home. Both of us were on cloud 9 and knew we wanted to marry as soon as possible. Some people have opinions about marrying young, but at that point, we felt like we'd been there, done that, and didn't feel like there was a reason to wait. We'd known each other for almost 6 years and couldn't fathom life with anyone else. 

The Engagement and Wedding

Anthony took me to the beach first thing in the morning on February 14th, 2013 which is where he proposed. I didn't know it then, but looking back now I can remember how nervous he was, it was the cutest thing. Just after I said YES, we saw a school of dolphins in the ocean swimming, which was confirmation to us that it was meant to be (pictured on left).We were only engaged for a few months as we surprised all of our friends and family and got married at our engagement party! We didn't really want a wedding and honestly didn't care about gifts at all, but decided for our friends and family we would include them, so we did. 

Where We Are Now

As soon as we got married we moved into our first little apartment together where we lived for a year. After that, we purchased our first home, which is where we brought home our baby girl, Addison after just over a year of living there.Since then, we've moved to Greenville South Carolina to go on new adventures and create new memories as a family.Truth is, we still have butterflies like the day we met when we were 14 and 15. We have each other forever and we wouldn't have it any other way!  Make sure you're following our ventures on Instagram! :)Comment down below and tell us your love story! We'd love to hear!