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We've heard so many great things about Charleston, people from all over telling us how absolutely gorgeous it is there. It's only about a 3 hour drive, so we figured to take a little mini vacation to see what Charleston is all about.First off, Charleston is right near the water which was so refreshing. As most know, we are from the East coast of South Florida, so the salty smell and breeze near the downtown area was all too familiar. The road on the water is called Battery St. Which is basically on the outskirts of downtown. If you're in Charleston, looking for a nice spot for an evening stroll, that's it. Absolutely stunning views.The downtown area is humongous. We've never experienced such a place. The old buildings, unique homes, cobble stone roads, and small shops were just some of our favorite parts. There's even something called the City Market there, which is essentially a long (few blocks down, long) historic complex where small businesses and local shops bring merchandise to sell. The best thing we can relate it to is maybe a flea market, but so much better. Almost everything sold there is high quality and unique which is something we love and appreciate.A few miles from the downtown area is a bridge. One of the coolest bridges we've ever been on, and underneath holds a really cool common area with a restaurant and a park for kids. We actually had no reason to go over to the bridge other than we could see it from miles away and had to check it out (a storm was brewing which made for some awesome photos too)!Two things that we had planned to see while we were in Charleston were the Old Sheldon Church Ruins and the Angel Oak tree. We drove pretty far out-of-the-way for both, but it was sooo worth it.Something about the church was so peaceful and whimsical. It was one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. It felt like history and being there to experience it was just so cool.The Angel Oak tree was also breathtaking. Nature is just so beautiful, isn't it? What we didn't know, is Charleston actually isn't right on the beach. We thought for sure it was at least pretty close, but it's not. We again, drove pretty far out-of-the-way, but we had to get to the ocean which lead us to Kiawah island.The sand there is smooth. So finely packed that people are able to comfortably ride their bikes down the beach. We arrived right before sunset, which was perfect for not only photos but for whether proposes too.Charleston was definitely one for the books. There is so much to do there and honestly, we can't believe how much we were able to see and do in only a few days. Though we had such a great time, we might wait until winter time to visit again, it was HOT!Want to follow along on more ventures? Subscribe below!Make sure to pin us, check out our YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram!

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