Why You Should Be Using Lightroom To Edit Your Photos


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 If you're just taking photos on your phone for Instagram, Lightroom isn't necessary. However, if you're a blogger or a photographer, Lightroom just might be a game changer for your work flow. This is why you should be using Lightroom to edit your photos.Before Lightroom, I edited all my photos on free sites or on apps on my phone. While of course that's fine and works okay, it definitely doesn't make for the highest quality photos. The best photos are part the photography and part the editing. It takes two to tango and you really need to excel in both to get the best photos.[image-comparator left="http://www.venturedarlings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IMG_1112-2.jpg" right="http://www.venturedarlings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IMG_1112.jpg" width="100%" left_alt="Before" right_alt="After" classes="hover"][/image-comparator]
    1. Keeping the photo quality. Lightroom allows you to edit your photos however you want without compromising the quality of the photo. Ever use an app where you turn up the exposure a little just to find that it ruined the entire photo?  It sucks, I've been there.
    2. Tools. Not only are you able to customize the photo without compromising the quality, but you can change anything. There are so many tools in Lightroom that allow you to edit anything and everything in the photo. Want the sky to be brighter but not the rest of the photo? Fine, there is a way to do that. Want to remove a blemish from your subjects face? There's a tool for that. Want to add a fake sun? There's a tool for that. Want to make your blues brighter and oranges less saturated? There are tools for that too. Almost anything you can imagine for your photo is doable in Lightroom.
    3. User Friendly. Before purchasing Lightroom, I used the free trial which is where I taught myself how to use the software. It is pretty self-explanatory and super easy to use. There are also tons and tons of tutorials online or videos you can watch on YouTube which makes it even easier to learn.
    4. Similar To Photoshop. Before purchasing Lightroom, I did an extensive amount of research. At the time, I had just started my blog and wanted to up my photography game but really had no idea what the difference was between Lightroom and Photoshop. They are very different softwares but can edit a photo very similarly. From what I gathered during my research, photoshop is more for commercial and super custom edits. If you are looking to slim people, remove big objects from photos or add multiple layers to a photo, Photoshop is the software for that. Lightroom can do some of those things just on a smaller simpler scale.

 This is not to say Lightroom is "better" than other professional editing softwares, but it is better than phone apps and free editing websites. You will 100% of the time get a better quality photo using a high-end software to edit your photos.One of my most asked questions is how I edit my photos and what software I use, so I'm thinking about turning this into a series! I would love to show you all exactly what tools and presets I use in Lightroom and what my editing process looks like from start to finish. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, comment down below!

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