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Anyone who knows anything about us, knows that we care very much about having a clean house when guests come over. Whether it be family who- we know won't really care, or new friends with a first impression, we like our house to be clean. Walking into someones home, you can tell a lot about a person. Of course, you don't always have time to spend an entire day cleaning if you have last-minute guests coming over. So, here are 5 things you can do to spruce your house up in less than an hour.
  1. Put away all unnecessary clutter. We get anxiety just walking into our own house if there's clutter everywhere. Simply put away any cups, shoes, mail, toys, or anything else out of place. This easy step will make your home feel cleaner and more put together instantly.
  2. Clean your sink. This is a biggie. Old dirty dishes can stink up your kitchen. It's also not very glamorous and immediately makes your kitchen look and feel disgusting. A clean sink makes for a fresh kitchen, so either wash what's there or throw it in the dishwasher. No, letting your dishes sit in bubbling water doesn't count as "clean".
  3. Wipe everything down. Use a light cleaner and wipe dust, dirt, and crumbs off all surfaces. With everything now put away in its correct spot, this will be a quick breeze. Number one, it'll make your space smell fresh, and number two, sleek surfaces keep your home looking cleaner.
  4. Sweep! Whether your vacuum your floors, sweep them, or both, this is important. For our apartment specifically since it is new construction, we have lots of settling dust. With that being said, we get tons of dust bunnies everyday which mean regular sweeping. All of those crumbs you wiped off your counters are now also on the floor, so having a dirt free floor is indeed a quick step you can take to make your home look and feel cleaner on a time crunch.
  5. Light a candle. This is a great finishing touch for your quick cleaning session. Not only does a lit candle feel homey and cozy, it also makes your home smell good and fresh. Vellabox is an artisan candle subscription box with prices ranging from $10 - $30 per month depending on your subscription choice. This is a great way to make sure you always have a candle on hand. We have candles in every room to ensure a fresh smell throughout our home, always!how to spruce up your house in less than an hour | vellabox

These 5 easy steps will spruce up any home on a time crunch. When guests come over they'll always think you spent all day cleaning and it's always rewarding to hear how wonderful it looks and smells even though you've only spent an hour "quick" cleaning.Bonus Tip* If you've finished all of these steps still have a little time before your guests arrive, you can always go to your local grocery store and grab some fresh flowers and start a pot of coffee as a few finishing touches to make your home look, feel, and smell clean and cozy!Don't forget to check out our last post, subscribe, and follow us on Instagram!