Addi's Second Birthday


Growing up people always told me that once you're an adult, time flies. You never really believe that though, until it happens. Here I am now, 25 with a two-year old and I can't figure out where the time went. It feels like only yesterday I just found out I was pregnant. Hell, it feels like only yesterday that Anthony and I got married. I probably said something very similar to all of this in my post to Addison on her first birthday, but it's true. My little baby is now two years old (going on 15 with all her sass) and it's bitter frickin' sweet.  In my household growing up, birthday's were a big deal. Every year for more than a few years I woke up to signs all over the house and walls reading "Happy Birthday". It's a small gesture that makes a big impact. I'm 25 now and those were my fondest birthday memories because they were meaningful. So, now that Addi is old enough to enjoy her birthday, I wanted to make the same gesture. Granted, she won't remember any of this probably, but we did catch it all on video.  ;)First things first, I wanted something ridiculously awesome to greet her on her birthday morning. BALLOONS. Anthony and I bought two 74 packs of balloons and spent hours the night before blowing them up just to see her sweet little face light up in the morning. Her first reaction was priceless. She didn't quite know what to do at first and kept saying "ball" because that's what she thought they were. Anthony showed her how much fun it would be to run through them and that's all she did all morning. Following tons of balloon fun, she opened up her gifts which we filmed and then lost the footage. FAIL big time because she had such a fun time opening gifts. It rained all day, so we played inside for a good while with her new toys and books. Later, we sang happy birthday and Addi got to have a giant (seriously, almost half the cake) piece of ice-cream cake, something she's never had before. She loved it. Addi loves bath time, and when I say loves, I mean if I mention the word bath, she runs to the bathroom while ripping her clothes off as fast as possible. I can't get her to move that fast for anything else, ha! With her being such a mess from cake and bath time being her favorite, bath night it is!Anthony and I reaallllllyyy wanted to play with sparklers to get a number "2" photo. So, Addi got to watch as we attempted 8 times to get the perfect "2". She loved it!Addi's second birthdayAddi's second birthdayBeing a mom is so fun, exciting, rewarding, exhausting, and everything in between and I wouldn't change it for the world. Happy birthday Addison Avery! Check out Addison's First Birthday post & follow us on Instagram for more ventures!

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