6 Week Pregnancy Update | Pink Blush


If you follow our social medias and are subscribed to us on YouTube, you saw that we're pregnant! We've spent so much time since having Addi, trying to figure out the perfect time. Realistically though, is there a such thing? We've known for sure that we want our kids close in age and the timing just feels right!Weeks 3-6 of this pregnancy were a breeze. I had no real symptoms, so I thought I was getting off easy like I did with Addi. Boy, was I wrong. As I write this, I'm 6 weeks and a day pregnant and currently lying in bed with the worst nausea I've ever had. I've heard all about morning sickness, but I've never experienced it. It's terrible.Honestly though, this pregnancy is 100% different than my first. Which I know is normal because no pregnancy is the same, but I mean night and day different.My number one (and worst) symptom right now that I didn't experience one day of during my pregnancy with A is the nausea. It's the worst. Second, I can't drink coffee... the thought of it repulses me. It's so bizarre because it's actually my favorite thing to drink. It's the way that I've started my morning ever single day for at least the last 10 years. Actually, almost every night (before I hit 6 weeks of pregnancy) I would tell Anthony, "I can't wait for coffee in the morning" because it's really my favorite part of the day.Another thing is, I don't have headaches like I did with A. However, I have worse fatigue. I'm not always necessarily tired enough to sleep but I always feel physically exhausted and I always need a break to lay down. Of course though, this is all normal for early days of pregnancy.  Like I said, I'm only 6 weeks and  also already can't fit into my regular clothes. More so jeans, but still. It's probably all bloat, but I've already jumped on the comfy train and am wearing some cute maternity clothes. This gorgeous maxi dress is by the brand Pink Blush Maternity. It's a comfortable stretch material with the most gorgeous print. It's my new favorite dress and I'll definitely be wearing it throughout my entire pregnancy!I plan to do updates regularly whether it be on here or my YouTube channel or both, and of course Anthony and I are documenting everything. So, make sure you are subscribed to the blog and our YouTube channel to watch our pregnancy journey!