Willow Pump


This post is in partnership with Willow Pump. All thoughts and opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting me and the brands that I truly love!

Hands-free, cord-free pumping. Every pumping mamas dream, am I right? Well, I've got two words for you, WILLOW PUMP.If you've been around here a while, you'll know how difficult my breast-feeding journey was with Addison. I'm not sure if it was the fact that she started on a bottle being in NICU or what, but we had a rough go. I was determined though, and really wanted to keep her on breast milk for as long as I could. So, I pumped. I pumped every 2-3 hours every. single. day. for months. It was time consuming, exhausting, and worst of all, isolating. Every couple of hours I had to make sure I was home to pump, where I was tied down to cords and stuck to an outlet on the wall, and if I did go anywhere, I traveled with countless pumping parts.Not anymore. This time around, even though I'm nursing full time, I'm also pumping to stock up a freezer stash and to keep my milk supply up and I've had the absolute pleasure of using the Willow Pump! I am finally able to have the pumping experience every mama deserves. Pump anywhere doing anything!


It's cord-less! I can't stress enough just how easy this makes life as a mom. You can pump while out grocery shopping, out on a walk, or even just while you're home doing laundry- WITHOUT HASSLE!It's simple design has minimal pieces, which means, less to wash! Gone are the days you're spending forever at your sink cleaning and sanitizing tons of pump pieces after each session. Each Willow Pump has a total of three pieces. THREE. The flange, flex tube, and actual pump. Which means after each use, you wash just the flex tubes and flanges, that's it! Quick and easy, sounding good already, huh?It's quiet & wearable. SO quiet that you could even pump at work or on a conference call and no one would know! Because of it's compact design, it's wears right in your bra and isn't very noticeable.It's SMART. Best feature (in my opinion) for last. Willow Pump has an iOS app where you can see exactly how much you're pumping on each side during each session, along with pump duration, battery life, and even suction levels. It keeps track of when you pump and how much you pump on each side, so you don't have to!Willow Pump also offers a one on one coaching session, which is great if you have any questions or concerns after using your pump. Talk about great customer service!I've been using the Willow Pump for about a month now and honestly can't find any cons. I've pumped everywhere from at home, in the car, and even while at the salon. It's also great when I have family over because I can pump and not have to isolate myself in a room. It's discreet and no one ever knows!Willow Pump has made my life a heck of a lot easier as a mom of two, and all of us mamas could use a little less stress and hassle.Check out Willow Pump on Instagram!