Self Care During The Holidays

Holiday season is busy. It's full of shopping, attending and planning events, traveling, and lots of cooking which can overall be overwhelming and even stressful. Self care really is essential all year round but especially during the Holidays. If not to keep your own sanity, definitely as a a treat because lets be real, after all the Holiday season hustle and bustle, you deserve to treat yo self!

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Climate Change Is Not Real | ThredUP Project RE:Made

You all know how much I love a good thrift find, ThredUP being my favorite secondhand shop. I've raved about them before and it's not only because of their care in choosing products for their shop, amazing customer service, or user friendly site and app. I also love what they stand for.

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Trendy Lunchbox For Kids / Gabby Box

Diaper bags are an endless bag of everything. Lets be real, we carry diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys, feminine products, wallets, makeup, bottles, sippy cups, snacks and those are just the basics. It hadn't occurred to me to let my daughter wear her own snacks, as funny as that sounds

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Durable Tableware For The Whole Family To Enjoy

Growing up, I remember always eating off those children's character plastic plates made for kids. Fast forward to my early adult-hood / parenting days, I decided I definitely wasn't getting those plates. I have nothing against them and sure, they serve a purpose, but they aren't the prettiest to look at. Call me crazy, but I like my tableware to match and look elegant even though I have a little one, so I've been using glass plates for the past couple of years while Addison just eats right off her high chair plate.

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Hair Care Routine For Blondes

I've been bleaching my hair since I was a teen. I've had small baby highlights, to a full head of bleach blonde hair, and everything in between. I only go to the salon twice a year, if that! Over time I've learned a lot about how to keep my hair healthy and strong. I thought, since I get so many compliments from friends and hair dressers, that I'd share my hair care routine for blondes!

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