How to Download & Install MOBILE Lightroom Presets Without a Desktop Computer

What’s a preset? In short, it’s a filter you can apply to your photo via Lightroom.

Mobile presets are great for anyone who might not be a photographer that still want great looking photos and/or a cohesive looking Instagram feed. They are also great for quick edits on the go.

Awesome. So you’ve purchased presets, what’s next?


  • Lightroom Mobile

  • Unzip

Make sure you have signed into Lightroom and set it up before continuing.

  1. Click the downloadable link in your email

  2. Click “open in Unzip”

  3. You’ll automatically be redirected to Unzip- click on the zip file to open it

  4. Another file will appear, click on it to access each preset

  5. Click the info button next to “Sun Daze01”

  6. Click on “open in”

  7. Find and click on Lightroom, the photo will open in Lightroom

  8. Click on the circle with the 3 dots at the top right corner

  9. Click “create preset”

  10. Type preset name - “Sun Daze01”. — Boom. You’ve imported your first preset

  11. Follow steps 1-10 on each preset until they are all installed

It occurred to me that not everyone is super familiar with Lightroom so here’s a little additional info for how to use and store your presets.

How to use your newly imported presets:

  1. Import a photo from your phone

  2. Go to “presets” on the bottom slider

  3. Click on “user presets”

  4. The presets will appear

  5. Click through and find one you like for the photo you are editing and click the check mark to apply it

Creating an album:

As you import your presets, they’ll come in as photos and be added to your Lightroom library which could result in them getting lost in the mix if you ever needed them or wanted to refer back to them. Creating an album to put them in could be useful for this reason. 

  1. Get back to the home page of Lightroom mobile (left top corner arrows if you’re not already there)

  2. Click “create album”

  3. Give it a name, maybe “mobile presets”

  4. Click the 3 dots on the right

  5. Click “add photos”

  6. Choose “from all photos”

  7. Select all preset photos

  8. Add all photos

 It seems like a lot of steps, but really this whole process should only take a few minutes. Happy editing!


Shyla Cino