How to Set New Houseplants Up For Success

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House plants are beautiful and so beneficial to our homes thanks to all of their air purifying abilities. I get it though, investing in house plants can be scary. What if they aren’t happy where I put them? What kind of schedule should I have it on? What if I can’t remember to water it? Taking care of house plants is so much easier than you think though, and there’s such a huge variety of plants depending on how “easy going” you want your house plants or how “finicky” you don’t mind them being. The plant shop at currently offers more than 130 plants, including houseplants, blooming plants, succulents, bonsai, bamboo and more. ranging in price from $39.99 - $199.99. With such a huge variety to choose from, there’s something for everyone from house plant beginners to house plant enthusiasts.

First off, plants certainly are an investment, and they’re absolutely worth it! Sure, you may be able to get discount plants at a local market or grocery stores, but I’m here to tell you first hand that the quality always matches it’s price tag. It pays off to spend a little extra money on a good quality plant that has been TAKEN CARE OF throughout it’s youth. does such a great job at working with quality vendors who grow and care for healthy, thriving, quality plants and I’m honored to be working with them to give you the low down on how to set your new house plants up for success as soon as you get them home.

Ok, so you’ve ordered your plant. It arrives packaged beautifully in a box and you’re thinking, what next? All plants come in a stunning modern, neutral-toned planter-which makes your job even easier. No hassle, no mess, no re-potting required! Simply remove your plant from it’s packaging and find a corner for it. Most plants like bright, indirect light, possibly near a window. Although, some can thrive in very low lighting situations. Make sure you find the right spot for your plant type for it to flourish.

For the first few weeks of adding your new plant baby to your home, keep an eye on it. Make sure it’s happy and getting what it needs. Most plants like water once a week to once every other week. If you’re overwatering or not watering enough, it’ll let you know. A good rule of thumb is to stick your finger about an inch into the soil. If it’s moist, your plant doesn’t need water, and if it’s dry, it does.

Make sure you are dusting it’s leaves! It is SO important for the growth of your plant. This is something I think a lot of plant parents overlook and it hinders their ability to photosynthesize. I typically do this with a damp cloth on watering days.

That’s it! Honestly it’s so much easier to care for plants than most think and can actually be so therapeutic! makes it so easy to shop for plants. They’ve introduced a Plant Gift Guide, where you can obtain resources to help select and care for plants, such as shopping by plant type, viewing best sellers and read exclusive curated content such as Easy-to-Care-for Indoor Plants, The 7 Best Plants to Use in Your Office, Health Benefits of Plants and more.

Happy plant shopping!

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